Sexual Wellness

Restore comfort within the most intimate parts of yourself and take back control.


Take back control of your body and explore pleasure on your own time, to your own satisfaction.

Sexual Wellness encompasses both physical therapies such as feminine rejuvenation for comfort and increased sexual pleasure. As well as a supporting shop that carries an array of products for your choice of intimate practices.

Feminine rejuvenation is often a choice treatment for those that struggle with incontinence, discomfort during sex, or would like to increase intimate satisfaction. diVa is a laser treatment that resufaces the vaginal wall to replace damaged tissue with healthy cells. This improves waginal tone, pelvic floor strength, and aids in making both daily life, and intimate experiences as enjoyable as possible.



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Pre-treatment Tips↴

  • Schedule a free consultation
  • Shower prior to treatment time
  • Remove hair if applicable
  • Stay hydrated

Post-treatment Tips↴

  • Refrain from sexual intercourse for up to 48 hours
  • Return to daily activities as normal
  • Be cautious of harsh cleaning products in the area
  • Take antihistamine to curb itching sensations

What our Superbeings Say

We let our reviews speak for themselves.

5 stars

This treatment helped me regain my self confidence! I have always been self conscious about my bits down there. Happy to have found a clinic that has zero judgement on its patients and performs non-invasive beauty procedures such as this one.

Luisa P.

Happy Superbeing

A lack of vaginal lubrication has been a problem for me ever since I was in my teens. This made sexual intercourse very painful. Had I known treatments like DiVa existed, I would have gotten it sooner.

Stella D.

Happy Superbeing

Highly recommend this treatment with this amazing clinic!


Happy Superbeing

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