Elevate your potential
to make yourself + each other better
to reduce inflammation
to boost immune system
to supercharge your metabolism
to erase wrinkles
to improve sleep quality
to upgrade your mind
to tighten your skin
to unleash libido
to unlock your superbeing
to increase energy
to perform better
to recover faster
to balance hormones
to freeze fat
to live longer
to detox your body
to age later
to achieve the supernatural

Where science + nature intersect to achieve super natural results

The Supernatural Way

Modern wellbeing to superbeing. For everyone.

Feel your best at every age with technologies that harness earth's energies of light, vibration, air, magnetism.

We specialize in human design through the harmony of nature and science.

Gently effective.

We leverage ancient practices + modern tech to take control of how you feel + recover. Age Later.

Become your superbeing

At supernatural, we believe in recharging physically, mentally and emotionally on a cellular level so you age better, live longer, and realize your mind and body’s full potential. 


Super New ~ Super In ~

$579.99 CAD

Tune out the noise, tune into you. With the Sensate anti-anxiety and stress relief device, you can achieve relaxation and peace in an easy, safe and enjoyable 10-minute daily s...

Super New ~ Super In ~
Passionfruit Marine Collagen Elixir

$72.00 CAD

Aphina Collagen is a liquid-elixir formulated with 4,500mg of wild-caught marine collagen to support collagen formation to rejuvenate skin, hair, nails and support joints. With ...

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~
Tension Relief Body Cupping Kit

$68.00 CAD

Sit back and relax with our new cupping set. Body cupping is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to reduce tension, increase circulation, and support detox. Suction from the c...

Super Happy

We let our reviews speak for themselves.

Excellent customer service. I love their products!

John Edmonson

Happy client

I've never felt younger! Love my superstack routine.


Happy client

I really loved my treatment here + the staff is top notch!


Happy client

Beautiful treatments + products that make me feel amazing.


Happy Client

One of my favourite clinics! So clean, professional and I love the treatments and products!


Happy client

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