Out with the old, in with the new (skin!)

About the Treatments

Turn back time on a cellular level using highly effective resurfacing technologies!

Rehabilitate and revitalize your skin with treatments that penetrate your skin and pull healthy cells to the surface. Targets scarring, skin laxity, fine lines, hyperpigmentation - and so much more.

These treatments range from high intensity ultrasound to fractional lasers, all of which are able to replenish your skin and restore a youthful glow. Completely non-invasive with results that compare to surgical facelifts - these treatments are tailored just for you.



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Pre-treatment Tips↴

  • Avoid direct sun exposure/active tanning
  • Avoid excessive heat such as: saunas, hot tubs + hot yoga
  • Avoid waxing or lasers in the treatment area 1 week before treatment

Post-treatment Tips↴

  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medications
  • Apply sunscreen and recommended topical skincare to maximize results
  • Apply ice to relieve any swelling

What our Superbeings Say

We let our reviews speak for themselves.

5 stars

They made me feel welcome and told me about the areas that I need to work on. After the treatment, I received so many compliments and felt confident in my skin!


Happy Superbeing

I was so excited about ultherapy because you can get the results without having to have surgery!


Happy Superbeing

This treatment gave me the confidence to go out there and hold my head up high!


Happy Superbeing

Treatment Packages↴